Web Tracking in Flexmail

Improving and optimizing your marketing starts with collecting and understanding of your marketing data. Using the Flexmail platform and Web Tracking you’ll get access to all integrated data for your own database, email marketing and website traffic. And all that in one single platform.

Make informed marketing decisions and get a full understanding of the online behavior of your target audience, from discovery to retention. Easily create a simple intuitive system yourself to detect patterns in the clicking and purchase behavior of your contacts. Personalize website content and each element in your email message to get your contact closer to conversion at critical moments in the customer journey.

Analyze clicking behavior and visits using interest labels

Get an overview of the underlying interests of your contacts by storing their interactions with the call to actions in your email messages and the pages they visited on your website in your contact database. That way you automatically compose new and relevant target groups, that you can use to launch your campaigns, segment your contacts, influence your automation scenarios and personalize the content in your email messages.

Drive your marketing automation using Web Tracking

Give your contacts a nudge in the right direction at crucial conversion points: optimize every message based on the interactions of your contacts and the triggers that you set. That way you can start or continue a marketing automation scenario when a contact opens a specific page on your website, clicks on a specific link, or downloads a document. By tailoring your communication to the needs and questions of your contact, you can direct him throughout the different steps to conversion.

Identify visitors and personalize the content on your website

Using the cookies in the Web Tracking you can consult your Flexmail database to identify visitors and request their information. Personalize the content of your website based on their position in the buying process: that way you can offer loyal customers a different website experience than the visitors that land on your website for the first time.

Automatically add new registrations to your mailing list

Do the visitors that aren’t present in your database yet leave their data behind on your website? That means that you can automatically add them to the right mailing list in Flexmail. Once your visitor fills out his contact information, all actions he takes afterwards are immediately saved, which means you can immediately use that information for lead nurturing purposes.

Keep track of the exact ROI of your campaigns using conversion goals

By placing a unique tracking code, you can track for each email campaign the extent to which it has contributed exactly to the number of conversions on your website. To do this, you should install a unique tracking code for every single conversion option.
The campaign report will tell you exactly how much, and which contacts have completed conversion on your website.