Updates from 2017


4 new wizard templates

Love the simplicity of the Wizard? Have we got news for you! 4 new responsive templates have been added, each with a number of clever new options. Prefer to work with a wizard template tailored to your branding and needs? Why not give us a call or drop us a line, we will only be too happy to help.

Mar 15

New social media icons for the Smart Builder

Didn’t find anything to your liking in the standard Smart Builder social media icons? Then make sure to take another look because we have just added 32 new sets of icons!

Not too sure how to include social media icons in your messages? Simply drag a social media structure or element into your message. The icons are completed automatically on the basis of the pages you added to your settings. It goes without saying that you can also adjust the links on a message-by-message basis.

Mar 07

New options for internal alerts in Workflows

Have you discovered the internal alerts within Flexmail marketing automation yet? It allows you to notify people on a need-to-know basis when certain contacts have reached a certain point in your scenario.
Until now, you had to enter a specific e-mail address to do so. But there obviously is no reason why this central contact should be the same for every data subject in your scenario. Henceforth, you will be able to personalise the addressee of your internal notification via any database field in your account. It will for instance allow you to notify the dedicated sales representative when one of his potential clients has visited the price page.

Feb 08

Create landing pages in the Smart Builder

Create landing pages to link to exclusive content or additional information about your product or service from within your message.

Using our easy drag&drop tool you’ll create fully responsive landing pages effortlessly. Because you can use the same template library, de branding of your messages and landing pages will align seamlessly.

Don’t just drag and drop images, content elements and call to actions, but also social media icons, white spaces and lines to the right place in your message. Thanks to the predefined structures and the extensive layout options you design the perfect landing page in just a few minutes.

Jan 18

Updates from 2016


Adapt your links after sending out your campaign

Have you ever sent out a campaign only to notice later on that you’ve used the wrong link? In the link overview of your report you can now change the behind the link tracking in your message when the campaign has already been sent out. All contacts that click on the call to action for the first time after you’ve changed the link will land on the correct page!

Oct 26

New structures in the Smart Builder

To give you more flexibility in the editing of your desktop and mobile version we’ve added 3 new Smart Builder structures.

The difference between the already existing structures lies in the mobile display. By default the right column will always appear below the left column when the screen becomes too small. With the new structures you can choose how you wish to display the order of your columns in the mobile view. Simply pay attention to the mobile display in the preview images when selecting your desired structure.

Oct 26

Set up your branding colors in the settings of your account

After setting up your branding colors in the settings, you can easily select them in the different colour pickers throughout your account. This makes the editing of your messages and forms even easier!

Oct 26

Brand new form templates and new features

Last month the forms in Flexmai got a thorough makeover. The forms themselves were given a new look and the configuration options were expanded as well. It’s now even easier to customize the layout of your forms, and on top of that you can use a variety of neat new features :

  • Maak een keuze tussen 6 nieuwe templates 
  • Choose between 6 new templates
  • Personalize fonts, colors and widths
  • Limit the maximal number of characters your contacts can insert
  • Check and validate the content of fields
  • Add default content to clarify fields for your contacts
  • Add disclaimers to your form
  • Add the filled out form results to your confirmation email using #formdata#
  • Limit the number of registrations for specific forms
  • Let your contacts know how many times your form can still be filled out using #remaining_entries#
  • Add a Calendar invite (.ics) to your confirmation email
  • Insert your own texts between fields by adding editor blocks
  • The validation of mandatory fields is now displayed in HTML5
  • Insert your own text for the send button

Aug 29

Test your Contact Related Content in real-time

In the previous edition of this newsletter we already showed you how to personalize the content in your Smart Builder messages for every target audience. When you’ve set up Contact Related Content in your message, you can now immediately try out the result for your different audiences in the preview of your message. Thanks to the toggle options you’ll see the content of your message adapt to your different audiences in real-time.

Aug 24

New Privacy Policy for more privacy guarantees

Flexmail does everything in its power to ensure the security of its users. Besides the daily monitoring of systems and processes we've also implemented a new Password Policy. Because of this new policy you'll need to set a new password to meet the new requirements. Would you like to further personalize your account, you can find new security settings in the settings of your account.

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Aug 22

Smart Builder autosave & rollback

In the Smart Builder 2.0 your changes will now automatically be saved. By clicking on the date of the last automatically saved version, you can use the rollback function to go back to the last 10 manually saved versions. You can save your message manually by clicking on the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen, or by clicking on “Preview”.

Aug 15

Changing the message title in the Smart Builder

When your contacts display the web version of your message, some browsers will display the title of your message. Here you can now determine the message title yourself.
You have 3 options:

  1. Updates augustus 2016 EN (default): The subject of your campaign will be used as page title
  2. Custom: When inserting your own text, that text will be used as message title
  3. Empty: The browser will return to its default settings. In most cases the url will be shown as page title.

Aug 08

Use your Flexmail account and launch planned campaigns in the right time zone

Under your Flexmail profile you can now manage your own time zone. All date and time visualizations are automatically adapted to your time zone. Besides that you can now also automatically schedule your campaigns in the right time zone. Simply select the time zone of your audience when scheduling a campaign. We'll automatically optimize the sending time while also adapting the time zones of your campaign report.

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Jun 30

Dynamic content tailored to your contacts in the Smart Builder

Thanks to the Contact Related Content in the Smart Builder you can set up your own dynamic messages, completely tailored to the personal profile of every contact. For every element and every structure you can use the selection menu to determine precisely who should be able to see your content based on contact fields, lists, campaign actions, interest groups and preferences, or a combination of those parameters. That way you can automatically display other articles to target group A and personalize the call to actions of target group B. Relevant one-to-one communication in an instant!

Discover the Contact Related Content
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Jun 16

New Smart Builder templates

As from today you get access to lots of new templates in the Smart Builder 2.0 for your transactional messages, newsletters, promos and event communication! Get inspired and combine the template to your heart’s content with your own branding.

By the way, did you know that you can save your own templates for the Smart Builder? Your own created templates are automatically saved in the category “Personal templates”, so that you can easily get back to them later on.

Apr 27

Send campaigns frequentially

Besides immediately sending or planning a campaign, you can now also send your campaign in specific intervals. The campaign will always be sent in intervals of 10 minutes. Simply choose a start and end date and if necessary determine the precise working days and hours on which the campaign can be sent.

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Apr 04

Frequency Capping

The number of mails that a contact receives from you via Flexmail can variate on a weekly (or even daily) basis, especially when multiple users, departments or services operate from one and the same Flexmail account.
Thanks to this new optional module you indicate the maximum number of mails that a contact should receive within a certain period. That way you can keep the flow and pressure of email messages under control without having to monitor this manually.

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Mar 23

Personalize messages with profile data

Also the personalisation options were extended. Next to the contact variables, personal variables and system variables behind the personalisation icon, you can also select the contact information in the profile of your Flexmail account. That way you can simply personalize the signatures and footers with the address data from yourFlexmail profile.

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Mar 01

Quickly ànd easily implement a barcode in your Smart Builder message

Recently, we launched the Flexmail Smart Builder 2.0, that lets you create your email message in a quick and easy way using structures and elements. Today we’re happy to let you know we’ve added a brand new element: the barcode. Choose between the most common type of barcodes: CODE39, CODE128, EAN13 and QR.

Organizing an event? Set up a personalized access code in their ticket to make everything run smoothly on D-day. Is one of your clients celebrating his birthday? Create a coupon in your email message ànd make your customer happy. We also see a lot of QR codes being implemented in email messages. Of course they had to be implemented in the Smart Builder as well. Refer your contacts to the website or a personalized web link when they scan your QR code. In short, a new feature that could just be the icing on the cake in your emails.

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Jan 27

Updates from 2015


Flexmail Smart Builder 2.0

Starting today, you can use a completely new tool when creating your email messages. The new Builder is more efficient, more flexible, and makes for a more collaborative experience. In the new Smart Builder you’ll create templates that meet your branding perfectly, easier and faster than ever.

We're excited to share it with you! Here's what to expect from the new Smart Builder:

  • New drag&drop environment
  • New content elements
  • Fully responsive
  • Lots of new templates

Find out more
To the how-to video

Nov 12

Flexmail is nominated for the Digital Marketing Awards 2015

The jury of the Digital Marketing Awards has nominated Flexmail in the category “Best performing Belgian tool”. Improving ROI and conversions, ease of use and service were key in the decision-making process.

The Digital Marketing Awards are organized by Bloovi and Feweb. These Belgian awards are aimed at honoring the performance and excellence of the online marketing of Belgian companies. We are extremely proud and honored to see Flexmail appear among the nominees.

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Oct 28

New application lay-out

Thanks to the layout restyling the Flexmail platform takes full advantage of the screen. The menu has been refreshed and the dashboard has been extended with new charts.

On the right side of the menu you'll find new shortcuts to your profile, settings, and the support. In the notification column on the right you get a visual overview of your active campaigns and workflows, and the latest updates are prominently depicted.

In addition, the different icons throughout the entire platform have been removed to make room for a single icon tool, where you'll find all the possible actions textually.

Oct 08

New field types in the Database Manager

The database manager got a major update. Besides creating new fields with personalization codes, you can now also choose from seven different field types:

  • Text field
  • Date field (Choose your own format)
  • Numerical field
  • Text area
  • Drop-down list
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes

Thanks to this update you will have more control over entered values. The multiple choice fields allow you enter your options when creating or editing your field. The fields that you create in the Database Manager can be used on the contact sheet, on the opt-in forms, in the import, personalization and segmentation.

Jul 31

Import in the background

The import function for mailing lists now runs in the background. This way you can continue working in Flexmail without having to wait until the import is completed.

In the import screen you can always find the imports that were executed on this list, with key figures. For the recent imports you can use the "i" icon to consult the import report.

May 04

PDF report

Even the summary PDF report got an update. New data like email client use and spam notifications have been added, and the lay-out got a restyling. You receive this PDF report 24 hours after you’re campaign has been sent. Under the settings you decide what information you wish to send, and to whom.

Apr 29

New overview per category or list view

By default your lists, messages, campaigns and reports are displayed per category. Using the matching icons you now have the option to switch between the category overview or the list view. That way you have the possibility to order all data in your table chronologically or alphabetically.

Apr 22

AB Testing

The Flexmail AB Testing allows you to test different variants of specific elements in your campaign with a part of your recipients. That way you can test which subject line and which sender gets you the most opens, and which version of your call to action of which content generates more clicks.

Choose which test you wish to run, add your variants and determine the size of your test group. The winning variant will automatically be sent to the remaining contacts in your campaign. In the report you’ll get a complete overview of the results of every variant. That way you can see exactly what kind of impact specific changes had on your results.

You can find the AB testing in the overview screen when creating your campaign.

Apr 21

Relaunching an existing campaign to new contacts

From now on you can relaunch an already sent campaign to new contacts in your mailing list, or to a new mailing list. Click on the matching icon behind the name of your campaign and select the list to which you wish to relaunch your campaign. Contacts who already received the original campaign, will automatically be deduplicated. That way you will be sure that every contact receives your campaign only one time.

Apr 20

Media usage

Your media usage has also been made visible in Flexmail. That way you know exactly how many space your uploaded images and files or occupying. By keeping your media usage below 100MB, you ensure an optimal user experience in your account.
You can consult your media usage under Messages > Media.

Apr 17

Applying preferences to mailing lists

Using the opt-in module you can create a subscription form for your website. If you’d like to offer your contacts an even more personal experience, you can extend the standard opt-in module with a Preference Center. Using preferences, you can get to know a lot more about the wishes of your contacts: besides just changing their contact data, they can at any time change their own preferences.

The already existing Preference Center has now been updated. You can now apply or remove specific preferences for all contacts within specific mailing lists. You can also apply standard preferences for new contacts that are added to a specific list.

Apr 15

Responsive forms and surveys

From now on all forms and surveys in Flexmail are automatically optimized for mobile devices. That way you always obtain an optimal result on desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

Mar 04

To whom do you send the confirmation email of your form?

Would you like to send your confirmation email to a specific email address that was filled out in your form, rather than to the recipient of your campaign? Or would you also like to send a confirmation email to contacts that filled out your form using the web link?
Using the settings of your form, you can now choose which field contains the email address that Flexmail will use to send the confirmation email to.
If you’re organizing an event for example, you could send the confirmation email to the email address of the participant in the form, instead of sending it to the recipient of the campaign.

Mar 03

Flexmail social media module

In the new Flexmail social media module you get a complete overview of all your social media activities within your familiar Flexmail environment.

Manage your social media accounts and various feeds, plan posts, interact with your audience and analyze the reports of your different accounts. With the search on your dashboard you discover posts that contain the keywords that are relevant to you. That way you can quickly respond to any customer service issues, track your responses to your online marketing campaign or get an overview of feedback on your recent launch.

On top of that you can use the accompanying button to share your sent email campaigns on social media, to increase the reach of your messages.

You’ll find the new social media module under Campaigns > Social media in your Flexmail account.

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Mar 02

Updates from 2014


Schedule campaigns every 15 minutes

Where you used to only be able to plan you campaign every hour, Flexmail now offers the possibility to plan campaigns every 15 minutes. The API has been updated as well.

Dec 09

New languages for your mailing lists

We recently added new languages to the mailing lists: you can now choose between 8 different languages. That way you can now also create Russian, Swedish or Danish lists, forms, surveys and opt-in forms.

Dec 08

New field types for forms

Besides large and small text fields, drop-down lists, checkboxes and radio buttons you can now also add date and time fields to your forms in Flexmail. Let your contacts add a date, a time or a date and a time. That way you could ask for birth dates for example, or see when they would prefer to schedule a meeting.

Dec 04

Tags for multiple email addresses

In several places in Flexmail you can now add multiple addresses at one time, both for campaigns and internal confirmations. You can add multiple email addresses by simply pressing on the space or enter key after each email address. You can also add multiple email addresses when sending a sample message or an internal confirmation email to yourself.

Dec 03

Splitting up the central blacklist into 3 categories

Recently Flexmail adjusted its Terms & Service Agreement. From now on Flexmail will check every campaign sent for non-existent addresses in the bounces, and checks whether it received spam notifications for that particular campaign. Contacts from these two groups will be automatically added to the corresponding category of the central blacklist. As a result, these contacts will also automatically be removed from all your lists. These contacts can no longer be imported or manually added.
Under Contacts> Blacklist you can consult the three different categories.

Dec 01

Send your Christmas cards easily and quickly with Flexmail

Didn’t include your Christmas and / or New Year's wishes in your strategy for the end of the year? No need to worry, with our free Christmas card templates you can quickly and easily send Christmas and New Year’s cards to your contacts. Use this interesting period to captivate your contacts with an original message. The free Christmas and New Year templates of the Smart Builder you will have your Christmas card with a personal message ready in no time!

Nov 26

Create marketing automation campaigns with the Flexmail Workflows

Setting up fully automated flows that perfectly meet the requirements of your strategy. That was the goal our developers had in mind when designing the Flexmail Workflows.
Starting today you will find the Flexmail Workflows under Campaigns in your Flexmail account. Start with one of our standard flows, or build your own marketing automation and lead nurturing campaigns using the different actions and parameters.

Discover the Workflows in this how-to video

Nov 05

New layout possibilities for the Flexmail forms

Thanks to the latest Flexmail update you’ll get access to a lot of new settings for your forms. You can now easily adjust the width of your columns and change the layout of your form by selecting one of the layout skins. Besides fonts you can now also quickly customize the font size by selecting it in the list. Of course you still have the possibility to use your own design by uploading a CSS file.

Besides layout we’ve also made some structural changes. You can now add an explanation to every question and easily change the order of your list items.

Aug 19

Optimize the call to actions in your email campaigns with Multi Variant testing

What banner will get you the best conversion in your email campaigns? The only way to know for sure is by testing them realtime with the Flexmail Multi Variant testing.

By inserting one or more variants for the image(s) you want to test, Flexmail will test your campaign while your first contacts are opening your email. Once we’ve selected a winner based on your input, the remaining openers will see the winning version of your images.

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Jun 25

Extend your opt-in module with our Preference Center

Last month we introduced the new opt-in module in Flexmail. You can now also choose to extend your opt-in module with preferences. By using a preference center you give your contacts the opportunity to decide for themselves which info they would like to receive!

To the playbook

Apr 23

Renewed subscription module

At the request of you, we have thoroughly renewed the existing subscription module. You can now personalize and edit every single page and message in your subscription process. Moreover, the new subscription forms remain available permanently in the application, so that you can adjust at any time without having to update the code of the form on your website.

To take advantage of the new features, you need to create a new subscription form. Of course your existing subscription forms will keep running smoothly.

Discover the new subscription module

Mar 24

New languages in Flexmail

Buongiorno! Are you practicing multilingual communication? Then we have some good news. Besides English, Dutch, French and German, your can now also create Italian and Spanish mailing lists, forms and surveys.
From now on the entire Flexmail platform and the website exist in German as well.

Feb 18

New Flexmail media library

The new media library makes it even easier to manage your images and documents in Flexmail. Upload or delete quickly and easily multiple files directly in Flexmail. Create structure with folders. You also no longer need a separate design program. Just like a professional designer you can now edit, flip, rotate, crop or apply filters to your images directly in the Image & file manager.

Discover the new library

Jan 20

Updates from 2013


Manual in video format with our new how-to videos

Flexmail brings the support to you. From now on you can find a manual, video and playbook icon in the top right hand corner of the different pages in Flexmail. That way you’ll find the right support tools right where you need them.

In addition to the manual and the playbooks you can now also consult the how-to videos to learn more about a particular feature. Every week we’ll add new videos.

Discover the new support module

Dec 17

Segmentation on multiple levels

Thanks to the new Flexmail update you can now segment your list on multiple levels. That way you can further divide existing segments into even more specific target groups. Segmentation on multiple levels allow you to send targeted email communication to contacts with the same characteristics in one segment. Discover in our new playbook how you can use the Flexmail segmentation for your company.

Would you like to mail your contacts with relevant information? In that case, segmentation is a vital part of your strategy. In this playbook you'll learn how you can further divide into specific target groups with the Flexmail segmentation.

To the playbook

Nov 12

Discover the new Flexmail

As of now, Flexmail has a new package. Our application, website and support went through a complete restyling. When you log into Flexmail now, you’ll discover many useful new extras that will make your work easier. Definitely check out our brand new support module and free webinars. Below you’ll find all the changes in one clear overview.

Discover our innovations

Sep 23

Go mobile with the Smart Builder

With the new version of the Smart Builder you can create responsive email messages effortlessly. After you created your message, the Smart Builder will render a mobile version of your design with just the push of a button. You can adapt and refine this mobile version as much as you want. With the responsive design you can offer the best experience to every single contact.

Besides the responsive design, the Builder has some other new features for you.

Learn more

Jun 10

New social media buttons

As from now you can choose one of different variants when adding social media buttons. That way, you can better match the button with the layout of you email message. Simply fill out the link and click on the icon of your choice. We also added a Pinterest and a Squarespace button for you to use.


May 13

New Smart Builder templates

TemplatesThis month, we have also developed three new Smart Builder templates, which you can combine with your own corporate identity as much as you like. You can find them in the ‘e-commerce’ section. By the way, did you know that you can also save your own templates? The templates you create are automatically stored in the ‘Personal templates’ section which means you can easily re-use them again at a later date.

Apr 24

New dashboard

dashboardWe also launched our new dashboard this month. This allows you to see exactly what your contacts are doing with your email communications. As well as the live feed showing your contacts’ most recent activities, you will also be able to view your unique customer number, campaigns planned for the future, active autoresponders and new registrations.

Apr 24

Link tracking for info pages and a new report

Have you inserted a link on your landing page? From now on, you will be able to activate link tracking on your info pages. The new info page report allows you to delve even more deeply into your results. And you will now be able to see who reaches your website and info pages by following links in the newsletter, as well as what kinds of things those interested visitors click on once they reach your info pages. This report is available for all info pages created after 26 March.

Apr 24

Reorganization of the email messages

After recently giving the contact management in Flexmail a serious facelift, it was now time to update the email messages. Besides many novelties, we have improved the usability of the interface.

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Mar 12

New updates to the Flexmail platform


As a result of a major update this month, the contacts management has been transformed into an easier and more intuitive global contact management system. In addition to that major update, a number of less obvious, but extremely useful options have also been added. For example, you can now overwrite existing contacts when importing contacts, and duplicate your current mailing list.

Overwriting contacts during import

During an import, there is no duplication of new contacts with the contacts that were already in the list. If you select the ‘overwrite contacts’ option, existing contacts will be overwritten with the new data from the file being imported.

Duplication of mailing lists

It was already possible to duplicate campaigns, messages, forms and surveys. That functionality has now been added to the lists. When you duplicate a mailing list, you also have the choice of including the blacklist that is linked to the mailing list in the duplication.

Feb 12

New templates for the Smart Builder

Again, this month, we are introducing three new Smart Builder templates. The Valentine’s Day template is perfect for a good themed mail campaign. In addition, you also receive a contemporary template for your newsletter, with space for several articles. You can also take your inspiration from the event template. These templates can also be adapted to your own house style, too, of course.

Feb 12

New contact management in Flexmail

Thanks to a big update the present contact management in Flexmail is transformed into a simpler and more intuitive global contact management. But besides this big update, we've also added some smaller, but very neat features. You can now overwrite existing contacts while importing new files, and duplicate present mailing lists. Read everything on the new updates and the new contact management.

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Feb 05

Flexmail yearly review

As you know, we added several new functions to Flexmail last year. January is therefore the perfect moment to list all novelties. At the bottom of this timeline you can also discover what we will be concentrating on this coming year!

Go to the overview

Jan 15

Updates from 2012


New templates available for the Smart Builder

In order to give you some fresh ideas for your mailings, we publish some new templates regularly. These new designs are still in the Christmas spirit, but they are suitable for every occasion. Are you still searching for a new design? Discover our different designs, completely adaptable to your branding.

Dec 11

New export module

Our developers are constantly improving the our platform. This month, the took care of the export module. This has led to a number of novelties. You can now assemble your own export file, by adding the necessary contact fields to your export results. The layout of your Excel file has been updated as well. We structurized the lay-out and the contents of the export file, in order to make your results even more comprehensive.

Even large files can be exported in a couple of seconds.

Dec 11

Updated campaign management

In order to meet the demands of our users, we did some thorough upgrading of the campaign management. You will therefore notice a number of new options. For example, you can now send a test campaign first, before sending your definitive campaign. Plus you can now also duplicate a complete campaign, so that you can re-use it later. This is very convenient if you have to select the same mailing lists every month. Find out how these functionalities will make your work so much easier.

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Oct 08

Create messages in your email client with 'Message Transfer'

Message Transfer allows you to create your mails directly in your email client. By sending this mail to a unique email address it will appear in you Flexmail account’s messages. Afterwards you can use it in a new campaign and send it to the mailing lists in Flexmail.

Create your message in your Outlook, Gmail, on your smartphone or tablet. You get a unique email address in your Flexmail account. Send your created mail to this address.

The Message Transfer is the perfect solution when you quickly need to send a short email or when you need to forward an existing email in your mailbox to your mailing lists.

Sep 24

Updates to the application

The Flexmail developers have executed a lot of updates to the application.This way, we can improve the usability of the platform.Below, you can find an overview.

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Aug 14

Expand your contact list with the Contact Database Manager

In Flexmail you have 32 standard fields to file all information about your contact. With this data you can then start optimising your e-mail message.


Are these 32 fields not enough? The Contact Database Manager lets you create your own fields. You can use these fields later on to personalise your message. Just think of promotional codes, customer numbers, accounts within the company for the specific customer, etc.

The Contact Database Manager is an optional module and costs €200. After purchasing it is added to your account and you are all set to go.

Contact sales@flexmail.be for more info.

Jun 13

Define your contacts’ interests with the Flexmail Interest groups

Everyone knows that relevance is one of the most important challenges for anyone involved in email marketing. This is why we have recently expanded Flexmail’s interest groups.

Groups mean you can automatically detect your contacts’ interests on the basis of click behaviour during previous campaigns.


When you have created an interest group, you can add contacts to an interest group in a variety of ways. You can even assign an interest group to specific contacts, via the import of your Excel file, or directly in these contacts’ contact files. But it doesn’t stop there. Flexmail can also automatically assign a contact to an interest group on the basis of click behaviour. All you have to do is indicate which interest group belongs to a specific link when link tracking your message. Flexmail does the rest.


This information will help you better segment your target groups in the future and will enable you to mail them in a more targeted way with really relevant content.

May 16

Manage users in Flexmail

Flexmail now provides you with the opportunity to create additional users in your Flexmail account.

You can compile extremely precise user profiles with the aid of an extensive rights management system. That way each user is allocated his own rights within Flexmail.

This means that an editor can, for example, create a message, but can’t send out a campaign.

In addition, each user receives his own login and password.

You can find this new functionality in your account under Home > Users.

Contact our helpdesk for more information about this new functionality.

Apr 18

Updated survey module

The Flexmail designers have not been resting on their laurels. We are proud to introduce our updated survey module. In addition to several new layout options we have also added several technical functions. Below is a list of them:

1.    New type of question: Answer matrix
2.    Option to make a question mandatory
3.    More settings
4.    Question and comment to the question that can be edited with the HTML editor
5.    Progress indicator for the survey
6.    Validation filters
7.    More extended scenarios
8.    A new report

We have put together a useful bundle in which we explain all the new functions. Click here to view this bundle.

Mar 06

E-mail Authentication

One of the advanced functions in Flexmail is e-mail authentication. You can significantly increase the deliverability of your message by making small changes to the records in the hosting of your domain.
This simply means that you provide some information to the receiving mail server. This server can It can also see that you are who you effectively say you are.
You can find more information about the e-mail authentication at: http://nl.flexmail.be/functions/32/e-mail-authentication/

Feb 03

Updates from 2011


View and print your invoices in Flexmail

This update allows you to view and print all your invoices in your Flexmail account.

Click the button "Invoices" to get a list of your invoices.
Click the icon to view and print your invoice in a PDF reader.

Dec 21

Add a billing address in your profile

In your account profile you will now be able to add a seperate billing address.

To add a billing address uncheck the checkbox "Use these data for billing".
This comes in very handy when you want to have your invoices sent to a different e-mail address then the address in your account profile.

Dec 15

With the Credits Alert, you will never run out of credits unexpectedly

To avoid running out of credits unexpectedly you can activate "Credits Alert".

You can insert a minimum amount of credits. When this minimum amount is reached, you'll receive an e-mail.



When is this credit check done?


1. This credit check is done each time you log in.

2. If you use the autoresponders, we will check every day if the treshold was reached. If case of a positive result, you will be notified.

Dec 07

The import of your contacts becomes easier

Flexmail has extended the import of your contacts using a CSV file. You don't have to put the data in a fixed order anymore. During the import, you can now match the fieds from your CSV file to the matching fields in Flexmail.

If you import CSV files with the same structure regularly, it is wise to create a "Profile". When you're done matching the fields in your file to the fields in Flexmail, you can save the matching as a "Profile". Next time you import new contacts, you can load the profile, and the matching will be executed automatically.

For users who already used the old CSV import, we have created a "standard profile". This profile does the matching in the same order as the former fixed structure.

How do you use the CSV import?

Step 1: Select the file you wish to import
Stap 2: Select the field seperator (comma, point-comma,...)
Stap 3: Click "upload".

During import Flexmail will run a number of control routines.

This is to check if the email addresses are valid and if the email addresses already exist, in order to avoid doubles.

Nov 24