Extend your opt-in module with our Preference Center

Extend your opt-in module with preferences

In our playbook playbook about the opt-in module you learn exactly how to create a subscription form for your website. On top of that you can easily personalize the update and unsubscribe process with your own message.
If you would like to offer your contacts an even more personal approach, you can extend the standard opt-in module with preferences. Besides contact information you can get to know more about the wishes and needs of your contacts: they can indicate at any time which information they would like to receive or which information they find interesting.

How do you get started?

Step 1: creating preferences
Before you can create a subscription form based on preferences, you first need to define your preferences. To do that, you need to click on the new button “Preferences” in the opt-in module.

In this new screen, you need to click on “Add new preference”.

When you create a new preference, you first need to insert the name of your preference. This name will only be visible for you. With the field label you need to insert the name of your preference that will be visible for your contacts. The name and the label don’t have to contain the same information. With description you can also give more information to your contacts.

Preference Center

Once you’ve created your preferences, you can go back to the subscription forms.

Step 2: Create a new subscription form
Click on “Create new form”. In the first screen you need to choose for a form based on preferences. You give your new form a name, that will help you to easily find your form. Also select a language. Choose “Next”.


Step 3: Choose a list for your contacts
In the second screen you need to choose the list to which you want your newly subscribed contacts to be added. With a form based on preferences you can only select one list. It’s also better to work with one list in your account, that you can further distribute with segmentation based on contact information, interest groups and preferences. Click on “Next”.


Step 4: Choose the contact fields and preferences that you would like to display
In the third screen you need to select the wanted fields for every step. You’ll find more information about the different steps in the second column. Every step of the procedure will be clarified here. Next you choose by ‘Manage preferences’ which preferences you wish to use for this opt-in form. When you’re finished, click “Next”.


Step 5: Personalize your messages
In the last step you need to insert your sending information. Just as with a subscription form based on lists you can personalize every message and every page a contact gets to see. You can find more information about the different pages in the playbook about the opt-in module.


Preference Center

Step 6: Place the HTML code on your website
When you click on “Next”, you get to see the HTML code that Flexmail generated based on your settings in the previous steps. This code should be placed entirely on your website. You can also take a look at the preview of the subscription form.


IIn the overview you can modify your subscription form at any time. When you make a change, your form will be updated automatically. That means that you don’t have to change the existing code on your website.

Let’s get started!

Would you like to extend your opt-in module with the optional preferences? Definitely contact sales@flexmail.be.

Good luck!