Get new contacts via your website with the Flexmail subscription module (opt-in)

The subscription module

With the subscription module in Flexmail you can easily compose your own subscription form for your website in just a few steps. New subscribers are automatically added to the mailing list you’ve chosen.

How do you get started?

To create a new subscription form, you go to Contacts > Opt-in.
Next, you click on “Create new form”.

Step 1: Give your subscription form a name
In this new screen you need to insert a name for your subscription form. That way, you can easily make changes to your subscription form when needed. Next you need to choose a language for your subscription form. If you offer multiple languages on your website, you can create multiple forms in Flexmail. When you’re ready, you click on “Next”.

Step 2: Choose one or more lists for your new contacts
Next, you choose the list in which you’re going to save your newly subscribed contacts. When ready, click “Next”.

Step 3: Choose the contact fields that you want to show
Legally speaking your subscription procedure should contain multiple elements. These consist of the subscription element (on your website), the opt-in element (where the contact should confirm his subscription), the update element (when the contact wants to update his data) and the unsubscribe element.
On the left side of this new screen you need to choose which fields you want to use. Next you need to indicate which fields should be displayed for every element of your subscription process by checking the corresponding checkboxes.
With the subscription module of Flexmail you are able to personalize every element.


In this element you need to check the fields that should be displayed in the form on your website. Think about which information you definitely need. The less fields you use, the more likely a contact is going to subscribe.

When a contact has filled out the form on your website, he’ll receive an opt-in mail. In this mail he will find a link to confirm his subscription. He will then go to a confirmation page. If you want to, you can also add extra fields to this page with the checkboxes under “Confirmation”. That way you can ask more information when your new contact confirms his subscription.

In every email message that you send you can also place an update link. This allows your contacts to update their profile from within every email message. Here you can also check the fields for this form.

In the last column you need to indicate which fields should be required to fill out.
Using the arrows you change the order of the fields in your forms. With the cross you delete a field.
Wanneer je klaar bent met de instellingen klik je op “Volgende”.

Step 4: Personalize your messages
We now reached the last step.

You still need to fill out the sending information for your opt-in message on the left side: the name and e-mail address of the sender, and the subject line.

On the right side you’ll see all the email messages and pages that a contact sees at a specific time. By clicking on the icons you can display and edit every message and page. When you don’t edit them, your contacts get to see the standard texts of Flexmail.

Below you’ll find an overview of all messages and pages:

Opt-in email message
Your contact will receive this email when he just filled out the subscription form on your website. In this email he needs to confirm his subscription by clicking on a link.

Opt-in update screen
When he confirms his subscription in the opt-in message, he is redirected to this page. Here he can read that his subscription has been successfully registered, and he can also add extra contact details by using the fields that you’ve chosen in step 3.

Screen after confirmation
When your contact has added his contact details, he’ll get to see this screen as confirmation.

Update form
When a contact from this list clicks on the update link in a message at a specific time, he gets to see this page. Here he can add or update contact details.

Screen after update
When a contact updates his contact details at a given time, he gets to see this page as confirmation.

Unsubscription form
When a contact clicks on the unsubscribe link in one of your email messages, he gets to see this form. Here he can unsubscribe or change his contact details.

Screen after confirmation
When a contact unsubscribed with your unsubscription form, he gets to see this page as confirmation.

You can open the opt-in messages and the different pages by clicking on the corresponding icon. Would you like to change the message? Simply click in the text to edit it. When you’re done, click on “Save”. To go back to the original version, click on “Reset”.

Step 5: Place the HTML code on your website
When you click on “Next”, you get to see the HTML-code that Flexmail generated based on your settings. This could should entirely be placed on your website. You can also check the preview of the subscription form.


In the overview you can change your subscription form at any time. When you make changes, your subscription form is automatically adapted. You don’t need to change the HTML-code on your website again.

Applying your personalized pages to other lists

You’ve now created a subscription form for the list that you chose in step 1. But maybe you would also like to apply your personalized pages to other lists for which you don’t need a subscription form. To link your personalized update and unsubscription form with other lists in your account, you need to go to the advanced settings of the list you wish to link. There, you simply choose the name of your subscription form.

If you don’t select an update and unsubscription form, Flexmail will fall back on the standard settings. When a contact unsubscribes, he lands on the standard unsubscription form of Flexmail. Do they update their profile, you can find the visible contact fields on the update page under Home > Settings > Update Profile.

Let’s get started!

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