Managing unsubscriptions with the Flexmail blacklists

By sending out relevant content you keep your audience engaged. But sometimes it can happen that a contact unsubscribes. How do you deal with it? In Flexmail you can easily manage your unsubscriptions. Depending on your settings, you can decide how strict you want to work.

Three different options

Option 1: change of status with unsubscription

When a contact unsubscribes, his status in Flexmail will change from “active” to “unsubscribed”. If you look at the overview of your contacts, you can find the unsubscribed addresses by sorting on “unsubscribed contacts” at the top of the page.

If a unsubscribes contacts subscribes again or is imported by you, he will be added to your list with the status “active”. He will then receive your email messages again.


Option 2: saving unsubscribed contacts on the blacklist of a mailing list

If you’re regularly importing new lists, you best work with the blacklist on mailing list level. By saving unsubscribed contacts to the blacklist of a mailing list, they can no longer by imported in the same list. A contact that unsubscribes will be removed from this list and be added to the blacklist of this mailing list.

If you’d like to use the blacklist of a mailing list, you need to check this option when creating or modifying a mailing list.

blacklist on mailing list level

Click on the gear behind your list and next on “Display blacklist”. Here you’ll get an overview of all contacts that unsubscribed.

The contacts on the blacklist won’t receive any message that you send to this mailing list. If these contacts are also present in other mailing lists, they will still receive messages that are sent to those lists.


Option 3: Saving unsubscribed contacts to the central blacklist

You can also choose to save unsubscribed contacts to the central blacklist.

To activate the central blacklist you go to Home > Settings > Blacklist.

By checking this option, future unsubscribers will automatically be removed from all your mailing lists and saved to the central blacklist. Once a contact is on the central blacklist, he will no longer receive any messages from you.



Managing unsubscriptions for sub lists

Sub lists contain references to the contacts in the main list. When you’re creating a new sub list with the segmentation, you also need to indicate where you’d like to save the unsubscribers. With the default settings, the unsubscriptions will be saved on the blacklist of this sub list. That way, the contact cannot be added to the sublist again.

You can also opt to save an unsubscription for a sub list to one of the higher levels. We illustrate this with the following example:

When a contact unsubscribes for the sub list “interest in wine”, that contact will be saved to the blacklist of that sub list. If you’re mailing to the sub list “Clients EN” or to another (sub) list to which that contact belongs, he will still receive those mailings.

You can also opt to save that unsubscription one or more levels higher, on the blacklist of “Clients EN” for example. In that case, that contact won’t receive any messages that are sent to the sub list “Clients EN” or any of the lower sub lists.

To change the unsubscription level of a sub list, you need to click on “Advanced settings” in your segmentation.

Next, you choose the unsubscription level.


Of course you want to make sure that as little as possible contacts unsubscribe. And then relevant content is needed! So take a look at the content or strategy category on our blog!