Use Multi Variant testing to optimize the call to actions in your email campaigns

What banner will get you the best conversion in your email campaigns? The only way to know for sure is by testing them realtime with the Flexmail Multi Variant testing.

By inserting one or more variants for the image(s) you want to test, Flexmail will test your campaign while your first contacts are opening your email. Once we’ve selected a winner based on your input, the remaining openers will see the winning version of your images.

How does it work?

You first create your email message like you want to send it. When you’re creating your campaign, you will find the “Multi Variant testing” button on the right in the third step.

In this new screen, you need to choose an image from the dropdown list for which you’d like to test multiple variants.  Only images with a link on them will appear in the list.

Once you’ve selected your image, you can now upload different variants for this image by clicking on the “add variant” button below.

In the middle of the screen, you need to decide on de size of your test group. If you select a test group of 10% (of the total of contacts in this campaign), we will use this amount of contacts as test group.

When your campaign has been sent, we will take turns in displaying the different variants: opener 1 will be shown image A, opener 2 will be shown image B, and so on.

Once we have reached the total of views that you set in this screen, we will decide on the winning image, based on how many clicks all the variants got. The winning variant will be shown to the remaining contacts in your campaign.

You can run Multi Variant testing on multiple images (with links) in a single message.

The report

The progress and eventual result of the Multi Variant test will be shown in the report of your campaign under the tab “MV testing”. You’ll see how many views and clicks each image got, and which one was the eventual winner.