Creating an Approval Flow for subaccounts

With the Approval Flow we offer you an intern communication system between main account and subaccounts. This option allows subaccounts to ask permission from the main account when a message has been created.

How does it work?

The Approval Flow can be activated per subaccount. If you wish to activate the Approval Flow for a specific subaccount, you need the check the option "Approval Flow" under Accounts > Manage accounts > Modify.
If you want to you can also check the option to only ask permission for pushed messages that were created in the main account.

When a subaccount creates a new message, or adapts an already existing message, he needs to ask approval from that email message with the main account, to be able to send that message.

To ask for the approval of an email message, the subaccount needs to click on the "Approval" icon for that specific message. With every request, the subaccount can also include a message for the main account.

The administrator of the main  account will get an email message when a new request has been sent. The main account kan then view the message in her account and choose to grant or deny the approval.

Under Accounts > Manage approvals the main account can manage all requests for approval by changing the status.
If the main account has any remarks they can also send back a message to the subaccount. The subaccount will receive a notification by email.

Once the main account approves the message, this message can be used for a new email campaign by the subaccount.

Between the request and the approval the message can not be altered. If a subaccount would change the message after the approval, the approval will expire and a new request needs to be sent.

Under Home > Settings > Approvals you can insert an email address which will be used to send the approval to. Also possible remarks will be sent to this address.