Flexmail Enterprise Solution

As an organization, you have several branches, departments, business units, divisions, projects and teams, each with their own competences and email marketing campaigns. As a result, it can become difficult to maintain an overview, monitor the corporate identity and increase conversions. The Flexmail Enterprise module allows you to translate your business processes into a multi-user account that perfectly fits your unique organizational structure. This makes it easy to add new users, each with their own rights within your account.

With the Flexmail Enterprise module, you get access to a multi-user account for an easy management of your various entities and teams. As an administrator you always maintain an overview of all resources, users, and campaigns. Thanks to extended right profiles and the creation of pools you determine the precise access for each user. That way you can for example share your branding elements with the various entities, but keep the contacts and campaigns separated for the various departments. If you’d like your users to collaborate within the various entities, you simply compose new pools with reading or writing rights.

As admin of the Enterprise module you’ll get access to::

  • Multi-user account for an optimal management of complex structures
  • Approval Flow to grant authorization before a user can send out a campaign
  • A constant overview of resources, users and campaigns
  • An optimal management of access and rights for every user
  • Optimal collaboration between users within the same pool
  • Separate rights management for files- and image library
  • A neat push function to share messages, lists and templates to a selection of users
With the Enterprise module you’ll always keep an overview of all files, resources and users and streamline the different processes within your email marketing.

Add and manage users yourself

Create unlimited users for your different colleagues with each their own username and password, while you maintain access to all resources of your different users. Allow specific users to create their own sub users.

Rights management with profiles

Set up detailed rights for every user to limit his access to specific elements of the platform. Optionally appoint every user to one or more pools.

Optimal collaboration using pools

Group users that should be able to share specific resources together in a pool. All users in one pool can either see or manage each other’s new and existing resources. Group for example team members in one pool for an optimal collaboration for a project, and place designers in a pool to get inspiration from each other’s campaigns.

Sharing lists, messages, templates and media

Resources like messages and lists that you create as an admin can be shared to one or multiple users, where you’ll decide whether your users should only be able to consult or manage those resources. That way you can for example give every business unit access to a specific group of contacts.

Centralized credits management

The email credits are purchased centrally by the administrator. You always maintain an overview of the credit use of each user.

Centralized reporting

As an admin, you’ll get a real-time overview of all campaigns, messages, lists and reports for all your users and entities.

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