Social media management

Get a complete overview of all your social media activities from within your familiar Flexmail environment. Manage your social media accounts and various feeds, plan posts, interact with your audience and analyze the reports of your different accounts. With the search on your dashboard you discover posts that contain the keywords that are relevant to you. That way you can quickly respond to any customer service issues, track your responses to your online marketing campaign or get an overview of feedback on your recent launch.


Manage your various social media accounts and the topics that are interesting for you from within one organized dashboard. Identify interesting tweets, conversations and contacts by keeping a constant eye on relevant keywords.


Plan Tweets, Facebook posts and Linkedin posts to automatically send them on the optimal moments. Share your recently sent email campaigns on social media to widen the reach of your messages. Use posts again and change them to set them up for different pages or groups.


What is your audience saying about your company, your products, your competitors or specific subjects that are important for your company? Using the Flexmail social media module you can quickly identify the most interesting contacts, stay informed of news from your sector, and quickly and easily react to messages, mentions and comments.