Responsive design

Captivating email messages across all devices

Contacts are always on the go and you want your message to have the same impact whether your contact receives it on his mobile phone or on his desktop pc. With the Flexmail responsive design you can offer an optimal reading experience to every single recipient. Every contact automatically receives a version of your message which is modified to fit the size of the screen on which he or she is opening the message. That way you can change the look of your email or display unique content for your mobile readers.

Wizard example

Responsive email design for the Message Wizard

The Flexmail Wizard makes it easy for everyone to design professional email messages. The wizard templates contain all information regarding fonts and colors, the message structure and the size/position of pictures.

You simply place your text and images, and Flexmail completes both your desktop and mobile version based on the information in the template.

Responsive email design for the Smart Builder

With the Flexmail Smart Builder you create your email message by dragging and manipulating the 3 elements on the canvas. When you’re finished creating your desktop version, you simply switch to the mobile version. The Smart Builder will automatically generate the mobile version by scaling the elements from the desktop version. You just need to put the elements in the right place. If you want to, you can even create an entirely different message for your mobile readers.